b'all things Shiver with.anticipation! Savor every moment with foreplay favorites that help you tease and please your R O L E P L A Y ! way to paradise. A. B.C.D. E.F.G.A. FREQUENT FLIER DOOR SWING Soft, padded door harness helps unlock new positions. Supports up to 300 lbs./136 kg$129B. SEXY SPREADER Place the cuffs around each ankle and the padded strap behind your neck, then adjust to the perfect position! $57C. BED, BONDAGE & BEYOND This simple-to-use bondage and fantasy setup slips right under your mattress!$63D. ONYX HANDCUFFS Wide silicone cuffs easily adjust to fit any size wrist.$50E. ONYX BLINDFOLD Submit to ecstasy when sight is taken away and every other sense is amplified $20F. TICKLE & WHIP Rubber strands on one end and soft feathers on the other.$21G. ONYX NIPPLE CLAMPS Adjustable clamps titillate nipples with sexy, sensual pressure.$38 24 | Roleplay'